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Secured, Unsecured and Payday Loans

The Lending House is an independent site providing you with Secured, Unsecured & Payday Loans – all with friendly, top-rate customer service.


Why Should I Use You?

We’re not tied to lenders. We’re not brokers. We at The Lending House provide no-nonsense unbiased information to compare loan types; and introduce our users to potential matches to their requirements from the whole marketplace.

Do You Offer Secured & Unsecured Loans?

Yes. We offer both secured loans (often called ‘homeowner’ or ‘home’ loans), unsecured loans (sometimes also known as personal loans) and NEW Payday Loans.


What’s the Difference Between the Types of Loan You Offer?

Secured loans are where homeowners use the locked-in value (equity) of their properties as an extra guarantee to the lender. Doing this allows them to raise larger sums (usually from around £5000 up to £100,000 and sometimes even more). This means people with less-than-perfect credit ratings can be considered, too.


Our homeowner loans are also sometimes known as ‘secured ’or ‘home’ loans, or sometimes ‘second mortgages’.

We also offer unsecured loans to both homeowners and tenants. These are normally for smaller sums (around £500-25,000), are generally quicker to arrange and have no need to be secured on property.


We now also offer NEW Payday Loans, to help bridge that gap that sometimes falls between paydays.


OK, I’d Like to Know More – So What Next?

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